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Sandwich, Earl of (E, 1660)
Creation: let. pat. 12 Jul 1660
Family name: Montagu

Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Argent three Fusils conjoined in fess Gules within a Bordure Sable (Montagu); 2nd and 3rd, Or an Eagle displayed Vert beaked and membered Gules (Monthermer)
A Griffin’s Head couped at the neck Or with Wings elevated Sable
Dexter: a Triton proper crowned with an Eastern Crown Or and holding in his right hand a Trident Sable; Sinister: an Eagle with wings expanded Vert beaked and membered Gules
Post Tot Naufragia Portum (A haven after so many shipwrecks) or (after so many shipwrecks we reach port )

Edward [Montagu], 1st Earl of Sandwich, KG
surv. son and heir of Sir Sidney Montagu, of Hinchingbrooke, in the county of Huntingdon, Master of Requests (yr. brother of Henry [Montagu], 1st Earl of Manchester), by his first wife Pauline Pepys, 3rd daughter. of John Pepys, of Cottenham, in the county of Cambridge
born 27 Jul 1625
mar. 7 Nov 1642 Hon Jemima Crewe (b. 17 Jul 1625; d. 1674), 1st dau. of John [Crewe], 1st Baron Crewe, by his wife Jemima Waldegrave, dau. and cohrss. of Edward Waldegrave, of Lawford Hall, co. Essex
children 1. Hon Edward Montagu, later 2nd Earl of Sandwich
2. Hon Sydney Montagu later Wortley-Montagu MP (d. 11 Nov 1727), mar. Anne Wortley, dau. and hrss. of Sir Francis Wortley, 2nd Bt., of Wortley, co. York, and had issue
3. Hon Oliver Montagu MP, Solicitor General to the Queen 1685 (b. c. 1655; d. 1693)
4. Very Rev Hon John Montagu, Dean of Durham 1699 (b. c. 1656; d. 25 Feb 1728/9)
5. Hon Charles Montagu, mar. (1) Elizabeth Forster, dau. of Francis Forster, of Belford, co. Northumberland, and (2) Sarah Rogers, and had issue by both wives
6. Hon James Montagu (d. unm.)
1. Lady Jemima Montagu, mar. Sir Philip Carteret (d. 28 May 1672), and had issue
2. Lady Paulina Montagu (d. unm.)
3. Lady Anne Montagu (d. 14 Mar 1729), mar. (1) Sir Richard Edgcumbe KB, of Mount Edgcumbe, co. Cornwall (d. 1688), and (2) her cousin Christopher Montagu, and had issue by her first husband
4. Lady Catherine Montagu, mar. Nicholas Bacon, son and heir of Sir Nicholas Bacon, of Shrubland Hall, co. Suffolk
Died 28 May 1672
Created 12 Jul 1660 Baron Montagu of St Neots, of St Neots in the County of Huntingdon, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, of Hinchingbrooke in the County of Huntingdon, and Earl of Sandwich
suc. by son
note: Deputy Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire (for Parliament) 1643; participated in the Siege of Lincoln 1644, the Battle of Marston Moor 1644 and the Battle of Naseby 1645 ; Governor of Henley 1644/5; Member of Parliament for Huntingdonshire 1645-48, 1653, 1654-55 and 1656-58 and for Weymouth 1660; a member of the Council of State 1653; a Commissioner for Customs 1653; Lord President of the Council of State 1653; a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury 1654-59; a Commissioner of the Admiralty 1655; joint General-at-Sea 1655/6; Privy Councillor 1657; a member of Cromwell’s “House of Lords” 1657/8; in command of the fleet 1657; supported Richard Cromwell; joint General of the Fleet 1659/60, which he brought over to King Charles II; Knight of the Garter 1660; Master of the Great Wardrobe 1660-70; Privy Councillor 1660; Admiral and Captain-General of the Narrow Seas 1660/1; Master of the King’s Swans 1661; Master of the Trinity House 1661; Ambassador Extraordinary to Portugal 1661; a member of the Committee of Plantations 1662; Recorder of Huntingdon 1662/3; Admiral of the Blue Squadron 1664; Commander-in-Chief 1665; Ambassador-Extraordinary to Madrid 1666-68; President of the Council for Plantations 1670; commanded the Blue Squadron at the Battle of Southwell Bay and was killed
Edward [Montagu], 2nd Earl of Sandwich
Born 3 Jun 1647/8
mar. Jan 1667/8 Lady Mary Boyle (d. 14 Sep 1671), 4th dau. of Richard [Boyle], 2nd Earl of Cork, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Clifford, suo jure Baroness Clifford, only surv. child of Henry [Clifford], 5th Earl of Cumberland
children 1. Hon Edward Montagu, later 3rd Earl of Sandwich
2. Hon Richard Montagu, Member of Parliament for Huntingdon (b. c. 1671; d. 19 Apr 1697)
1. Lady Elizabeth Montagu (d. unm.) Died bef. 29 Nov 1688 – suc. by son
note: travelled in France 1661-64 and in Italy 1664-65; Member of Parliament for Dover 1670-72; Ambassador to Lisbon 1678; Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire 1680/1-85 and of Cambridgeshire 1685-87
Edward [Montagu], 3rd Earl of Sandwich Born 10 Apr 1670
mar. bef. 11 Jul 1689 Lady Elizabeth Wilmot (b. 1674; d. 1 Jul 1757), sister and cohrss. of Charles [Wilmot], 3rd Earl of Rochester, and 2nd dau. of John [Wilmot], 2nd Earl of Rochester, by his wife Elizabeth Mallet, dau. and hrss. of John Mallet, of Enmore, co. Somerset
children 1. Capt Hon Edward Richard Montagu, styled Viscount Hinchingbrooke, Capt, Earl of Essex’s Regiment of Dragoons 1712, Capt, Coldstream Guards 1715, ADC to King George I 1715, Lt Col, 12th Foot Regiment 1716, Col, 37th Foot Regiment 1717-22, Member of Parliament (Whig) for Huntingdon 1713-22 and for Huntingdonshire 1722, Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire 1722 (b. 7 Jul 1692; dvp. 3 Oct 1722), mar. 12 Apr 1707 his cousin Elizabeth Popham (mar. (2) 30 Jul 1728 Francis Seymour MP, of Sherborne, co. Dorset, yr. brother of Edward [Seymour], 8th Duke of Somerset; d. 20 Mar 1761), only child of Alexander Popham MP, of Littlecote, co. Wiltshire, by his wife Lady Anne Montagu, only dau. of Ralph [Montagu], 1st Duke of Montagu, and had issue:
1a. Hon Edward Montagu (d. young)
2a. Hon John Montagu, later 4th Earl of Sandwich
3a. Capt Hon William Montagu, Member of Parliament for Huntingdon (dsp. 10 Feb 1757), mar. Charlotte Maylor, dau. of Francis Maylor, of Offord D’Arcy, co. Huntingdon
1a. Hon Mary Montagu (d. young)
2a. Hon Elizabeth Montagu, mar. Sep 1737 Kelland Courtenay, of Painsford, co. Devon, 2nd son of Sir William Courtenay, of Powderham, co. Devon, and had issue
1. Lady Elizabeth Montagu (d. young)
Died 20 Oct 1729
suc. by grandson
note: Master of the Horse to Prince George of Denmark 1690-1705; Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire
John [Montagu], 4th Earl of Sandwich, PC
Born 13 Nov 1718
mar. 7 Mar 1740/1 Hon Dorothy Fane (b. 22 Mar 1716/7; d. 17 Jul 1797), 4th dau. and eventual cohrss. of Charles [Fane], 1st Viscount Fane, by Mary Stanhope, sister of James [Stanhope], 1st Earl Stanhope, and dau. of Hon Alexander Stanhope (1st son by his second wife of Philip [Stanhope], 1st Earl of Chesterfield)
children 1. Hon John Montagu, later 5th Earl of Sandwich
2. Hon Edward Montagu (b. 30 Jun 1744; dvp. 1752)
3. Hon William Augustus Montagu (dvp. 1776)
1. Lady Mary Montagu (b. 23 Feb 1747/6; dvp. 1761)
Died 30 Apr 1792
suc. by son
note: travelled in France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, etc. 1737-39; Col 1745, Maj General 1755, Lieut General 1759 and General 1772; a Lord of the Admiralty 1744-46; Minister Plenipotentiary at the Conference of Breda 1746 and of Aix-la-Chapelle 1747/8; First Lord of the Admiralty 1748/9-51, 1763 and 1771-82; Privy Councillor 1748/9; an Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1749 and Master 1749-52, 1760-64 and 1777-82; Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland 1755-63; Secretary of State for the North 1763-65 and 1770-71; Joint Postmaster General 1768-70; Ranger of St James and Hyde Parks 1783-84; a Governor of the Charterhouse; Recorder of Huntingdon and Godmanchester; gave his name to the “sandwich”
John [Montagu], 5th Earl of Sandwich, PC Born 26 Jan 1743/4
mar. (1) 1 Mar 1766 his fifth cousin once removed Lady Elizabeth Montagu-Dunk (d. 1 Jul 1768), only legit. surv. child of George [Montagu later Montagu-Dunk], 2nd Earl of Halifax, by his wife Anne Dunk, dau. of William Richards later Dunk, and heiress of Sir Thomas Dunk, of Tongues in Hawkhurst, co. Kent children by first wife
1. Hon John George Montagu, styled Viscount Hinchingbrooke, Member of Parliament for Huntingdon 1790 (b. 3 Apr 1767; dvp. and sp. 29 Nov 1790), mar. 2 Mar 1790 Dorothy Charlotte Beckingham (dsp. 10 Aug 1821), only dau. of Stephen Beckingham, of Bourne Place, co. Kent
1. Lady Caroline Montagu (dvp. Jul 1782)
mar. (2) 25 Apr 1772 Lady Mary Paulet (b. Oct 1753; d. 30 Mar 1779), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Harry [Paulet], 6th Duke of Bolton, by his first wife Henrietta Munn, of Eltham, co. Kent
children by second wife
2. Hon George John Montagu, later 6th Earl of Sandwich
3. Hon Francis Charles Montagu (d. unm.)
2. Lady Mary Montagu (b. 27 Feb 1774; d. 4 Oct 1824), mar. 7 Oct 1796 John Henry [Upton], 1st Viscount Templetown, and had issue
3. Lady Henrietta Susannah Montagu (d. unm.)
Died 6 Jun 1814
suc. by son by second wife
note: entered Army 1759, Lieut and Capt, 3rd Scots Guards 1761, retired 1797; Member of Parliament for Brackley 1765-68 and for Huntingdonshire 1768-92; Vice Chamberlain of the Household 1771-82; Privy Councillor 1771; Master of the Buckhounds 1783-1806; Recorder of Huntingdon 1792; Joint Postmaster General 1807-14
George John [Montagu], 6th Earl of Sandwich
Born 4 Feb 1773
mar. 9 Jul 1804 Lady Mary Ann Julia Louisa Harriet Lowry-Corry (b. 3 Apr 1781; d. 19 Apr 1862), only child of Armar [Lowry later Lowry-Corry], 1st Earl Belmore, by his second wife Lady Harriet Hobart, 1st dau. and cohrss. of John [Hobart], 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire
1. Hon John William Montagu, later 7th Earl of Sandwich
1. Lady Harriet Mary Montagu (b. 14 May 1805; dsps. 4 Mar 1857), mar. 12 Apr 1823 as his first wife William Bingham [Baring], 2nd Baron Ashburton
2. Lady Catherine Caroline Montagu (d. 30 Apr 1834), mar. 1 Dec 1831 Count Alexander Walewski, French Minister for Foreign Affairs (d. 27 Sep 1868), illegitimate son of Napoleon I, Emperor of France, by his mistress Marie Walewska, and had issue
Died 21 May 1818
suc. by son
note: Member of Parliament (Tory) for Huntingdonshire 1794-1814; Mayor of Huntingdon 1797 and 1805
John William [Montagu], 7th Earl of Sandwich, PC
Born 8 Nov 1811
mar.(1) 6 Sep 1838 Lady Mary Paget, a Lady of the Bedchamber 1839-41 (b. 16 Jun 1812; d. 20 Feb 1859), 2nd dau. of Henry William [Paget], 1st Marquess of Anglesey, by his second wife Lady Charlotte Wellesley, former wife of Henry [Wellesley], 1st Baron Cowley, and dau. by his second wife of Charles Sloane [Cadogan], 1st Earl Cadogan
children by first wife
1. Hon Edward George Henry Montagu, later 8th Earl of Sandwich
2. Rear Admiral Hon Victor Alexander Montagu RN CB (b. 20 Apr 1841, d. 30 Jan 1915), mar. 28 Nov 1867 Lady Agneta Harriet Yorke, Lady of the Bedchamber to HRH Princess Helena (b. 13 Dec 1838; d. 12 Mar 1919), 3rd dau. of Charles Philip [Yorke], 4th Earl of Hardwicke, and had issue:
1a. George Charles Montagu, later 8th Earl of Sandwich
1a. Lady Mary Sophie Montagu (d. 31 Jan 1946)
2a. Lady Olga Blanche Montagu (d. 4 Aug 1951)
3a. Lady Helen Leopoldine Montagu (d. 14 Dec 1958), mar. 13 Aug 1904 Sir Thomas Alexander Vans Best KCMG KBE (d. 24 Nov 1941), son of Dr Alexander Vans Best, of Aberdeen, and had issue
3. Hon Sydney Montagu (b. 12 Aug 1842; dvp. 4 Apr 1860)
4. Col Hon Oliver George Paulet Montagu (b. 18 Oct 1844; d. 24 Jan 1893)
1. Lady Emily Caroline Montagu (d. 8 Aug 1931), mar. 30 May 1870 Rt Hon Sir William Hart Dyke, 7th Bt., and had issue
2. Lady Anne Florence Adelaide Montagu (dsp. 16 Jan 1940), mar. 5 Dec 1876 Capt Alfred Charles Duncombe, of Calwich Abbey (b. 5 Jun 1843; dsp. 22 Feb 1925), 1st son of Very Rev and Hon Augustus Duncombe, Dean of York (by his wife Lady Harriet Christian Douglas, 3rd dau. and cohrss. of Charles [Douglas], 6th Marquess of Queensberry), 5th son of Charles [Duncombe], 1st Baron Feversham
mar. (2)
27 Dec 1865 Lady Blanche Egerton (b. 22 Feb 1832; dsp. 20 Mar 1894), 2nd dau. of Frances [Leveson-Gowerlater Egerton], 1st Earl of Ellesmere, by his wife Harriet Catherine Greville, only dau. of Capt Charles Greville
Died 3 Mar 1884
suc. by son by first wife
note: Ensign and Lieutenant, 1st Grenadier Guards 1832; Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire 1841-84; Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms 1852; Privy Councillor 1852; Master of the Buckhounds (Conservative) 1858-59; Militia ADC to Queen Victoria 1883-84; High Steward of Huntingdon
Edward George Henry [Montagu], 8th Earl of Sandwich, KCVO
Born 13 Jul 1839
Died 26 Jun 1916
suc. by nephew
note: Ensign and Lieutenant, 1st Grenadier Guards 1857, Lieutenant and Captain 1862, Adjutant 1864-70, Lt Col 1870, Col 1881, retired 1884; Military Secretary, Gibraltar 1875-76; Member of Parliament for Huntingdon 1876-81; Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire 1891-1916; High Steward of Huntingdon; KCVO 1906
George Charles [Montagu], 9th Earl of Sandwich
son of Rear Adm Hon Victor Alexander Montagu RN CB (by his wife Lady Agneta Harriet Yorke, 3rd dau. of Charles Philip [Yorke], 4th Earl of Hardwicke), 2nd son by his first wife of John William [Montagu], 7th Earl of Sandwich
born 29 Dec 1874
mar. (1) 25 Jul 1905 Alberta Sturges (d. 23 Oct 1951), dau. of William Sturges, of New York, USA
children by first wife:
1. Hon (Alexander) Victor Edward Paulet Montagu, later 10th Earl of Sandwich
2. F/O Hon William Drogo Sturges Montagu RAuxAF (b. 29 May 1908; d. 26 Jan 1940), mar. (1) 19 Feb 1931 (div. 1935) Tanis Eva Bulkeley Guinness (d. 1993), dau. of Benjamin Seymour Guinness, and (2) 5 Mar 1935 Hon Janet Gladys Campbell (former wife of Ian Douglas [Campbell], 11th Duke of Argyll; mar. (3) 11 Jul 1942 Maj Thomas Edward Dealtry Kidd MBE, 1st son of Rev Canon William Ennis Kidd MC, of Kingston, Ontario, Canada), only dau. of dau. of William Maxwell [Aitken], 1st Baron Beaverbrook, by his wife Gladys Henderson Drury, 2nd dau. of Maj Gen Charles William Drury CB, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and had issue by both wives
1. Lady (Mary) Faith Montagu (b. 1 May 1911; d. 16 Feb 1983), mar. (1) 5 Feb 1938 (div. 1940) Philip Booth Nesbitt, of Wilderness House, Carmel, California, USA (d. 1953), son of Norman Hill Nesbitt, of Boston, USA, and (2) 18 Mar 1948 Cdr Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 5th Bt, and had issue by both husbands
2. Lady Elizabeth Montagu (b. 4 Jul 1917)
mar. (2) 12 Dec 1952 Ella Lilian Amiya Corbin (former wife of Seymour Douglas Corbin; d.1986), dau. of George Sully, of North Petherton, co. Somerset
died 15 Jun 1962
suc. by son by first wife
note: Member of Parliament for South Huntingdonshire 1900-06; Chairman Huntingdonshire County Council 1933-36; Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire; a Trustee of the Tate Gallery 1934-41 and of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich 1937-47
(Alexander) Victor Edward Paulet [Montagu], sometime 10th Earl of Sandwich
Born 2 May 1906
mar.(1) 27 Jul 1934 (div. 1958) Rosemary Maud Peto (d. 26 Oct 1998), only daughter of Maj Ralph Harding Peto by his first wife Frances Ruby Vera Lindsay, only child of Capt. Walter James Lindsay
children by first wife:
1. Hon John Edward Hollister Montagu, later 11th Earl of Sandwich
2. Hon (George Charles) Robert Montagu, of The Old Manor House, Evershot, county of Dorset (b. 25 Nov 1949), mar. 1970 Donna Marzia Brigante Colonna, and has issue
1. Lady Sarah Jane Helen Montagu (b. 25 Aug 1935), mar. 21 Jul 1959 (div. 1971) Alessandro Enrico Ballarin, son of Dr Mario Balarin, of Bari, Italy, and has issue
2. Lady (Elizabeth) Anne Montagu (b. 8 Feb 1937), mar. 8 Jul 1961 Torquil Patrick Alexander Norman (b. 11 Apr 1933), 3rd son of Sir Henry Nigel St Valery Norman, 2nd Bt. CBE, by his wife Patricia Moyra Annesley, 1st dau. of Lt Col James Howard Adolphus Annesley CMG DSO, and has issue
3. Hon Henrietta Mary Montagu (b. 14 Jan 1940 ; dvp. 17 Feb 1940)
4. Lady Katharine Montagu (b. 22 Feb 1945), mar. 15 Jul 1965 Nicholas Victor Hunloke, 2nd son of Lt Col Henry Philip Hunloke MP, of St Catherine’s Lodge, Wokingham, co. Berkshire, by his wife Lady Anne Cavendish (later stepmother of his wife), 5th dau. of Victor Christian William [Cavendish], 9th Duke of Devonshire, and has issue
5. Lady Julia Frances Montagu (b. 12 Apr 1947; d. 19 May 1995), mar. (1) 20 Dec 1972 (div. 1976) Martin Lee-Oakley, only son of Kenneth Lee-Oakley, of Wakefield, co. York, and (2) 1976 Peter Gerald Edward Booth, of The Beck, Wexham, co. Berkshire, and had issue by her second husband
mar. (2)
7 Jun 1962 (ann. 1965) Lady Anne Holland-Martin MBE (former wife of Lt Col Henry Philip Hunloke MP, of St Catherine’s Lodge, Wokingham, co. Berkshire, and widow of Christopher John Holland-Martin MP; d. 19 May 1995), 5th dau. of Victor Christian William [Cavendish], 9th Duke of Devonshire, by his wife Lady Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice GCVO, 1st dau. of Henry Charles Keith [Petty-Fitzmaurice], 5th Marquess of Lansdowne
Died 25 Feb 1995
suc. by son by first wife
note: Private Secretary to Lord Baldwin 1932-34; Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Dorset South 1941-62; disclaimed the Earldom and other honours for life on 24 Jul 1964 under the terms of the Peerage Act 1963
John Edward Hollister [Montagu], 11th Earl of Sandwich
Born 11 Apr 1943
mar. 1 Jul 1968 Susan Caroline Hayman, daughter of Rev Canon Perceval Ecroyd Cobham Hayman, of Petersfield, county ofHampshire
1. Hon Luke Timothy Charles Montagu, styled Viscount Hinchingbrooke (b. 5 Dec 1969), mar. Julie J Fisher, dau. of Thomas Fisher, of Chicago, USA, and has issue:
1a. Hon William James Hayman Montagu (b. 2 Nov 2004)
2. Hon Orlando William Montagu (b. 16 Jan 1971), mar. (1) 3 Aug 1996 (div.) Laura Ann Roundell (b. 1972; mar. (2) 31 Mar 2007 Lord William Cavendish, styled Marquess of Hartington, 1st son and heir of Peregrine Andrew Morny [Cavendish], 12th Duke of Devonshire), only daughter of Richard Charles Roundell, of Dorfold Hall, Nantwich, county of Chester, by his wife Anthea Frances Legge, 1st daughter of Col David Alexander Keppel Legge CBE, of Sandwell, Marston Magna, Yeovil, county of Somerset, and (2) 3 Jul 2004 Lady Honor Victoria Wellesley (b. 25 Oct 1979), 1st daughter of Lord Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley, styled Marquess Douro (by his wife HRH Princess Antonia Brigid Elizabeth Louise of Prussia, 2nd daughter of HRH Prince Frederick George William Christopher of Prussia, of Patmore Hall, Little Hadham, county ofHertford), 1st son and heir apparent of Arthur Valerian [Wellesley], 8th Duke of Wellington
1. Lady Jemima Mary Montagu (b. 14 Oct 1973), married 22 Jun 2013 Fisnik Abrashi

Note: elected to the House of Lords 1999
Last update 26 Aug 2013
11th Earl of Sandwich
(England, let. pat. 12 Jul 1660)
11th Viscount Hinchingbrooke
(England, let. pat. 12 Jul 1660)
11th Baron Montagu of St Neots
(England, let. pat. 12 Jul 1660)